Tragedy's Gift: A Cancer Survival Story  

Hold On
Tragedy's Gift

Comments we've received about Kevin's book, "Tragedy's Gift" include:

"Hi there! I just wanted to write you because I just got through reading your book "Tragedy's Gift." I bought it (and got your autograph at the Phi Theta Kappa conference in Nashville). Actually, at the time, I was wondering how in the world you had so much patience and still managed to smile through your VERY long book-signing... but now I know! Although I have not undergone a battle against cancer, my battles have been terrifying (to me!) so everything you said just seemed incredibly relevant anyways. It sure takes courage to put your heart on the table and make your life an "open book," but I just want to say thank you for doing that. The fact that you have come out of your experiences basically "without even the smell of smoke" and are now living your dream, gives others like me hope. God bless you!"
~~ Eden

"I cannot put into words what it meant to me in listening to you speak at Childrens Medical Center, Dayton. I am an RN and yours was the first presentation that I have ever cried at. I apologize for not speaking with you afterwards, and wish I had gotten your autograph in your book I read. I read it on a plane trip and was touched once more. You are truly an inspiration! Also, being that I work with adult patients, I will always apply what you so impressed upon me regarding compassion. God bless you! I will always be one of your many fans."
~~ Jeanette

"I am a police officer in Eatontown, NJ, just two towns from Red Bank, where Kevin is friends with a mutual friend, Dennis McGinnis. Dennis has been such an inspiration to my son Scott, who developed Juvenile Diabetes at age 8 (he is now 12). Dennis has allowed me the opportunity to read, 'Tragedy's Gift,' and I was so moved by it. I just wanted Kevin to know that I would like to relay Kevin's courage and inspirational message to others I come in contact with. I had seen Kevin in concert in Red Bank when he delivered a tremendous backing for the Jason's Dreams For Kids Foundation, which Dennis is Founder. Kevin, you will be in my prayers and I thank God he kept you here to reach others and allow yourself to be heard. You have really touched myself and made me feel closer to my son than ever before, and I wanted to thank you for that. Scott will have to live with his disease for the rest of his life, and I will be reminding him of your courage when the need arises. Thank you again for being 'you' and all you do for children and adults alike. I hope to see you again if you come back to Red Bank."
~~ Fred Megill

"I have been a Kevin fan for MANY years. I received his book in the mail today and just put it down as I have finished it. I knew Kevin had been through many obstacles in his short life, but not to the extent that he explained in his book. What a strong man he is to have endured everything he has. He gives me hope and strength knowing that people CAN survive. As an Oncology Nurse, we don't see the success stories as often as we should and it is SO refreshing to know that not everyone is consumed by this awful disease. Thanks Kevin for your music, faith and inspiration."
~~ Jenn Jacobs, A long time fan

"I just had to send this to you. If you have the opportunity to talk to Kevin again, please tell him he has a fan who just loved his book. I'm not an avid reader, but this is one book that you cannot put down. I'm actually proud to say that this is probably the only book that I have read to the end and within two days. The story makes you smile at times, but also makes you cry. But it also gives you lots of inspiration, belief, and hope for anyone's future."
~~ Sue

"I purchased your book and when I got home at midnight I started reading it. I didn't want to put it down. I finished it! I really do think that you are some wonderful person and that God does have a purpose for your life."
~~ Teresa Bussey

"I got Kevin's book today. I read a bit of it and told myself I would read the rest later. I just could not quit thinking about it so I just had to read some more. The next thing I knew I was done! Wow! Awesome! It was very touching and inspirational. There are no words to explain the feeling you get when you read it. It made me laugh and cry."
~~ Jennifer Ward

"Just read Kevin's book, 'Tragedy's Gift.' It is a must for all Kevin's fans. You won't be able to put it down."
~~ Denise

"Kevin - I just received my copy of the book yesterday and I finished it this morning. What a wonderful book! I knew you had gone through a lot but never knew how much until reading the book. I could not put it down! Thank you for sharing your life and your talent with everyone. You are truly an amazing person!"
~~ Michelle Harrell

"Congratulations on the release of your book! I am so excited for you! You are an inspiration to those who know you and those who you touch through your speaking appearances and music. Now I think many will be inspired by your book."
~~ Colleen

"I finally got to meet you this past Friday at Borders in Sacramento; I go there all the time and was so excited when I heard that you were going to do a book signing there! I wasn't able to get to Borders 'til a bit past seven and was really bummed about missing part of your performance, but everything was absolutely fantastic. I loved hearing you sing live ("Make A Wish" was beautiful!) and the touching words you had to say.

Kevin, I read your whole book while standing in line to meet you, and I have to say, that was the most entertaining wait I've ever experienced. I hardly noticed the long line because I was so entranced by your words... sometimes your book brought tears to my eyes, but at other times it made me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. When my sister and I finally reached the front of the line, you turned out to be even nicer than we'd expected. We couldn't believe what a kind-hearted and generous guy you are. Thank you so much for making our year, for sharing your amazing story, and for being yourself."
~~ Nara

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