Tragedy's Gift: A Cancer Survival Story  
Tragedy's Gift

At the age of 18, after three grueling years of unexplained leg and back pain, Kevin Sharp was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Kevin, through this horrific and possibly life-ending diagnosis, was forced to literally grow up overnight and make decisions that no 18-year-old should be forced to make.

Instead of succumbing to his illness, Kevin chose to fight. A grueling and exasperating 2 years later, after months and months of chemotherapy, radiation, and even experimental treatments, Kevin's illness went into remission.

Kevin's first book, "Tragedy's Gift," has been released, telling the poignant and heart-wrenching story of Kevin's battle against an illness that almost claimed his life.

"No matter if it's cancer or the most common terminal disease we simply refer to as 'life,' I hope you will see a little of yourself within my stories and words. Through my hopes, dreams, and trials, it's my prayer that you, too, will find the hope, faith, love, and strength to survive. You are not alone."
~ Kevin Sharp

RARE Autographed 5" x 7" photo of Kevin taken at a Make A Wish event. One of only two photos known to exist.

UNOPENED Radio Promotional CD for Kevin's song, "You Are The Reason"

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